Our Mission

Our dogs are members of our family and we wanted to reward them with a healthy treat; something besides the old rawhide bone. We put together some yogurt, banana and peanut butter and came up with Fido's Freezzys. It is a frozen treat that they will love. Easy for them to enjoy and provides them with a healthier alternative from the products that are on the market. Yogurt also provides them with important probiotics which are beneficial for your dog to maintain a healthy count of 'good bacteria' with live and active cultures.

Our dogs, Pucci and Bella, were the inspiration for us to create Fido's Freezzys. To this day Bella, who is 17 years old gets a Fido's Freezzys after her dinner every night. If you should forget or delay too long, she will remind us by running to the fridge.

Dogs, we love ours, like you love yours.